Music Podcasts

One of my favorite projects at over the past year has been the expansion of our podcast offerings. Perhaps it has something to do with having a dog and constantly taking her to the park/beach/fetch sessions, but podcasts – especially ones that tell stories – are a refreshing break from a video-obsessed culture. Imagination can paint a hell of a picture. Give these podcasts a listen: 

Musical Yearbook (produced by

Musical Yearbook is a podcast (with the occasional video like the one at the top of this post) I created at The storytelling series digs into the moments when a piece of music becomes inseparable from who we are. Music is the dog-ear: it preserves who we are and contextualizes who we’ve become. There are some hilarious, touching, emotional, and downright hard-to-believe stories here. Subscribe on iTunes, or catch up on all of the episodes below:

Running The Voodoo Down (produced by

I’m a producer on Running the Voodoo Down, and it’s a must listen for all musicians and music nerds. MicahDubreuil (host and creator) is a brilliant musician and storyteller (his band, Con Brio, is pretty badass, too). Searching for the spirit of the sounds that move you, Running The Voodoo Down delivers stories of the musical life. Hosted in San Francisco by a working musician, the show features reflective and thoughtful interviews on the experiences and questions that drive the people who dedicate their lives to music. Subscribe on iTunes, or catch up on all of the episodes below:

Comment Box (produced by

I’m the producer on another podcast called Comment Box. This one is more geared towards music news stories that are important (artist payments from streaming services like Spotify), bizarre (the Insane Clown Posse suing the FBI), and the debatable (Is Miley Cyrus a feminist?). The perfect commuter content – each episode is somewhere between 12-20 minutes. Subscribe on iTunes, or catch up on all of the episodes below:



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