Homegrown: Birds and Batteries

photo credit: Matthew Washburn

photo credit: Matthew Washburn

Originally published by SF Station on 8/30/11. This album remains one of my favorites, and it’s an absolute shame Mike Sempert remains a relative unknown musician. 

Excerpt: In a word, Birds & Batteries recordings are lush. Layer upon layer of synth, guitars, ambient percussion, harmonies, strings, and seemingly whatever else is lying around the studio. It’s as if each song is a collection of intersecting flight patterns that all land on the same, unexpected runway. Sempert, along with guitarist Christopher Walsh, bassist Jill Heinke, and drummer Brian Michelson know how to deftly navigate unexpected turns.

Read the full article here, buy Panorama immediately, then listen to Sempert’s latest at http://mikesempert.com.

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