Many of our favorite songs are conversations in which we only hear one side of the story; This One’s for You explores what happens when the muse is given the microphone.

This One’s for You (Creator, Producer, Musician) captures an artistic discourse between songwriters and their inspirations. Songwriters first give a musical performance for an audience of one – an individual who’s inspired the song in some way. A conversation follows, with both sides sharing reactions and personal experience with either the song or the topics the song addresses.

Musical Yearbook (Creator, Producer) is an audio storytelling series that explores the moment when a piece of music becomes inseparable from we are. Music is the dog-ear. It preserves who we were and contextualizes who we’ve become. Here’s an animated short we did for the multi-talented Zachary Ryan. Check out the podcast page for all of the wonderful stories from musicians, writers, and even one from yours truly about the time I recorded myself singing “Crash” by Dave Matthews Band when I was 13.

It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to hop on the other side of the camera and see how great the crew at  treats all of our artists. Here are a couple of videos from the top of our rooftop:


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